Top 12 Names for Mitt Romney’s Disastrous Foreign Tour

Mitt’s little trip needs a good name. Here are some of El Guapo’s ideas:

1. Just Keepin it Anglo-Saxy, Playa

2. Obama 2012 …

3. He’s got moves like Jag-off

4. An American Moron In London

5. ComMITTY of Errors

6. London, Mittens Falling Down…

7. Turdy MITTens Or Less

8. Un-dee-Turd

9. WankerPalooza

10. Short Circuit 3: The Mor(m)on Chronicles #NameMittsForeignTour

11. Bollocks-y Blues

and my personal favorite:

12. Mormon Debacle-ypse

Am I missing anything?

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo

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