Texas Executes Man With IQ of 61, Then Found To Have an IQ of 14 Itself

The great state of Texas is expansive. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Its miles of beaches. Its rugged mountains. Its endless stretches of cloudless skies and unmatched landscapes.

In recent years it has garnered lots of attention for consistently exporting idiots at such an impressive clip that an entire nation has asked it to chill the fuck out:

Needless to say, The Lone-Star State is like no other.

This Tuesday it lived up to this distinction by executing Marvin Wilson, a developmentally disabled man found to have an IQ of 61. The execution went forward despite objections and a Supreme Court decision barring the death penalty for the mentally impaired.

After the execution, Texas itself was subjected to an IQ test. It earned its highest score yet -a state IQ of 14.

Upon hearing the results, a vocal group of current and former Texas governors chuckled as they rewrote the state’s science standards to include sections on angels, dragons, and goblins…with crayons…on the back of a Cracker Barrel kid’s menu.

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El Guapo

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[photo by  simminch]