This week’s sinvergüenza spotlight falls on a quickly disappearing – but still plenty shameless – American middle class, a group making some noise the past few weeks.  The remaining 76 people in the US’s middle class still have the occasional audacity to expect a livable wage, adequate health insurance, and fair representation in the workplace.  It’s a dog eat dog world and, needless to say, puppies should keep quiet.

As if this insanity wasn’t enough, this measly bunch will still, on occasion, insist that their political leaders listen, even demanding that legislation set to harm them (and workers’ rights in general) be reconsidered.  To compare them to a mangy street dog that won’t leave good enough alone would not be out of line.  It’s pitiful.

As we look across a nation buried in debt, this sullen bunch of whiners is unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to bring this once proud land back to prominence.  The only logical remedy to this sort of ego-maniacal group-think is to look up, towards the individuals who are bucking this trend, the few who have a sense of sacrifice.  These heroes need to be held up as examples to teachers and other government workers, the ingrates with picket signs filling government buildings across the country:

Example #1:

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs

Earlier this year, Mr. Blankfein scoffed at unfounded reports that he was about to get one hell of a payday, with speculation reaching as high as $100 million for his work in 2010.  And, of course, many without any real sense of the magic that this man works on a daily basis argued that this absurd amount was undeserving of  a CEO who ran his organization and, subsequently,  a good part of the US economy into the ground.  These alarmists bellowed that a company who, due to disreputable practices, took 12 billion in government bailout money should not be tossing around performance bonuses.  Well, how about this for altruism.  This man who deserves $100 million took $13.2 milion instead.  Eat that, doubters.  Talk about selflessness.  Have you ever bypassed almost 90 million dollars?  I think not.  Consider how this will destroy any chance of a significant addition to Mr. Blankenfein’s fabrege egg collection.  What if he really wanted to buy a professional sports team?  What if he wanted to pour melted gold into his Olympic-sized pool?

If Mr.Blankfein can tighten that jewel encrusted belt made of chinchilla foreskin, so can the rest of you.  If you can afford picket signs, markers, and a bus pass to get you to a rally, you must be doing alright.  Go home.  Eat your caviar.

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo