Abercrombie and Fitch is a cutting edge company – that much cannot be disputed.  As such, they ruffle an occasional feather or two with their choices in products, advertising, and general corporate practices.  This is expected with any innovation, of course.  With their inclusion of padded bikinis for young girls recently (we’re talking 7 yrs. old or so), they have brought on a wave of serious public wrath.

This irrational public backlash is another sign of the coming apocalypse.

Sure this would be downright creepy, pedophilia-driven behavior for an individual to engage in.  If a dude was pulling these garments out of the trunk of his car and leering at children, it would be terrible, unacceptable and the warped psycho in question would best be put behind bars and beaten with blunt objects by a large mob.  However, a corporation has no such motives (after all Abercrombie and Fitch is not a person, silly goose) and should be left alone to peddle the padded bikinis.

A company like A and F is simply looking to fill a need, to make a profit, to give consumers what they want.  In this case consumers are demanding ammunition to psychologically destroy young girls.  The market has spoken, what can you do?  There is no disturbing undertone coming from A and F – a neutral, profit-seeking entity like any other.  The market has made clear that there are parents everywhere who want to give their young girls a head start in life – towards a bad body image, severe eating disorders, and predatory relationships of all kinds.  The working name for the controversial line – Pedo-Style “You may no longer be a fetus, but you can still dress like one.”

What is a merchant to do but give the people what they want?  It’s the American way.

The end is near.