Refried Weekly Wrap-Up (Like A Weekly Overflowing Burrito Of Awesome)


The Daily Refried has been around for a year now. Thank you for your support. That’s all the sincerity El Guapo has available, so…

“If you like me and the material I think up, posterity will consider you to have had good taste.”

~Aristophanes (while El Guapo nods)


Here are some refried morsels that were served up for you this week:

God Apologizes For Giving Geraldo Two Assholes, Letting Him Speak Through One



Urgent News From the Future…

Disco makes a return…and is now not only the only dance/fashion style permitted, but also, more importantly it’s the only sanctioned form of combat among the subterranean-mole-humans…




Puerto Ricans Upset That Romney Kept Trying to Hand Everyone His Car Keys

“Immediately after his plane touched down, Romney looked at those who had gathered on the tarmac to greet him – a group that including local media, high ranking politicians, and notable businesspeople – and promptly said, “I’m sorry. This is unexpected. I didn’t bring enough cash to tip all of you.”


Context: Yes, It Matters



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[Burrito photo by Ernesto Andrade]