Refried Weekly Wrap-Up (Like A Weekly Burrito Of Rainbows and Unicorns)

Here are some refried morsels that were served up for you this week:

“Gays’ Obsession With Marriage Is Just Pitiful” Limbaugh Tells His Fourth Wife

Tuesday was like any other day for Rush Limbaugh – the face (and one could say the robust body) of The Republican Party. He grabbed his hard hat and lunch pail and headed off to the salt mines. He spent the day having respectful, intelligent, and useful exchanges with his listeners. He had his favorite lunch (the fresh kidneys of small children drizzled with the blood of a poor gay – both grass-fed and organic).


The Gluttony Project: Semper Fry

“On the fifth trip up to the buffet, you fight gnawing fatigue like a champ. Your jaw aches. You’ve unbuttoned your pants with the same single-minded determination of Rocky Balboa asking Mick to cut his swollen eye.”


Jan Brewer Gets Embarrassing Xenophobic Lady-Boner In Anticipation of Supreme Court SB 1070 Decision

Ms. Brewer had to be escorted from the courtroom as she laughed maniacally and did nothing to conceal her excitement. In fact, when she finally found herself outside, she began thrusting her aforementioned enthusiasm aggressively in the direction of anyone of color who was unfortunate enough to be walking in her vicinity.


 Happy Motherfucking Mothers’ Day

Some mothers are impossible to shop for. For them, try this sure-fire technique. To all of the others, the great moms who pretend to love the macaroni necklaces, finger paintings, and other assorted crap  every year, Happy Mothers’ Day.


Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo

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[Burrito photo by Ernesto Andrade]