Refried Weekly Wrap-Up (Like A Tasty, Overflowing Burrito Of Enlightenment)

Greetings. You’re recovering from your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Enjoy a sure-fire cure-all for your green-beer-induced hangover. Here are some refried morsels that were served up for you this week:

Proctologists Of America On Republican Nominees: “These Are The Most Exceptional Assholes We’ve Ever Seen”



If Romney Elected, 1/3 of US Plans To Self-Deport

Here Mittens demonstrates how he likes his made to delicately fold his gold-encrusted pajamas.
[In this photo, Mittens explains how he likes his maids to fold his jewel-encrusted chones]



Context: Yes, It Matters




Surprise Apple Announcement: Limbaugh-Apple Partnership Announced

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El Guapo

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[Burrito photo by Ernesto Andrade]