Refried Weekly Wrap Up (Like a Tasty Burrito)

Greetings. In case you missed anything, here are some of the stories that were refried for you this week:

Rick Santorum’s Sweater Vest Comes Out Of The Closet, Leaves Campaign

Good old Ricky had a tough time of it recently when his sweater vest says “No Mas” to his incessant homophobia.

It’s Not Obama’s Fault – It’s His Brain’s (and Yours)

El Guapo waxes philosophical as only he can about the brain science behind human conformity and how that just might help explain the ineffectiveness of politicians.

Mittens Filled With Venomous Ants

Mittens scarier than Mittens Romney? Sound absurd, but check out the video of an Amazonian tribe and their coming of age ritual. It involves poisonous ants and mittens…and lots and lots of pain.

Stupid Undocumented Immigrants Can’t Even Freeload Properly

It’s no secret that El Guapo hates undocumented immigrants. He spent most of the holidays on his roof, throwing used cell phones and rusty 9-volt batteries at his undocumented family members as they arrived for holiday gatherings. Here’s further proof that undocumented are stupid.

WANTED: Latino Al Sharpton

We’re still hunting for a formidable, intimidating Latino presence in the mold of Al Sharpton. Apply now.

Have a great weekend

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo