Refried Weekly Wrap Up (Like a Tasty Burrito) (1/21/12)

Greetings. In case you missed anything, here are some of the stories that were refried for you this week:

Bizarre Love Triangle: Tebow, Jesus, and Brady

Unrequited love. Tragedy. In a storyline worthy of a middle school playground or a Mexican soap opera, the NFL playoffs this year have centered around one truly bizarre love triangle.   Tebow Loves Jesus – Jesus Loves Brady – Brady loves ???

Jose, Can You See? / Kryptonite Speedo

Many upset by Arizona’s recent ethnic studies ban and other states have been accused of trying to marginalize and disappear Latinos from history books. But El Guapo argues that invisibility is awesome and everyone should chill the hell out and enjoy the superpower we’ve been given.

EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Newt Gingrich’s Secret Love Child

Newt Gingrich – another in the long line of GOP poster boys for family values – has recently, and rather inexplicably, experienced a bump in the polls after his ex-wife came forward claiming he sought an open marriage during their relationship.  He apparently was seeking “a bump in the polls” throughout the marriage. Here is the exclusive photo of the love child that resulted from all of this poll bumping.

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo