On Route to Protest Brutality Towards African Lion, Outraged Officer Stops to Brutalize African American Driver

After his shift Tuesday, veteran Texas State Trooper Declan Morris made his way to the station eager to change out of his uniform and shoot down I-35 to join his wife at a local rally to show their disdain towards the brutal treatment of African lions. “After hearing about that American dentist who recently hunted and killed that regal creature, Meghan and I knew we couldn’t stand idly by. I mean, for god’s sake, those cubs were left orphaned and are now presumed dead.” The 12 year veteran continued, “There are just some things that are too unconscionable for words.”

Before arriving at the station, however, Morris was delayed when he encountered a speeding blue sedan going 57 in a 55. During the stop, Morris reportedly asked the driver several times, if there was “a fucking problem?” to which the visibly flustered man, Roger Graham had no satisfactory answer. Witnesses report that Graham handed the officer his license and registration. The officer, fearing for his life after the unprompted move, proceeded to drag the man out of the vehicle and kick him into submission until backup arrived.

After the tense encounter, the officer let out a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, even after all that, I made it to the rally on time.”

El Guapo

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