Nation Politely Asks Texas To Stop Exclusively Exporting Idiots
The rest of the country doesn’t want to be too forward or anything.  It keeps kicking at some invisible pebble on the ground, and it has tried to avoid the confrontation altogether. However, after averting eye-contact and doing the whole aw-shucks thing, the nation has come right out and laid its request for Texas right on the table. It would appreciate it very much if Texas could export something aside from oil and absolute pendejos. No one is saying that Texas is disproportionately populated by morons, but the state, in a rather diabolical move, tries to rid themselves of these vapid turd balls by thrusting them into national politics alongside the pendejos from other states, where, invariably, other voting-aged pendejos, in a sign of pendejo solidarity vote them into positions of rather startling power.
Some might see Rick Perry’s recent political debacles as nails in his campaign’s coffin, but never count out a pendejo.
Your handsome and humble servant-
El Guapo
[photo by  simminch]