When Lenny Potts of Toledo, Ohio (who goes by the online aliases of MelGibson69, DidYoMom69, ScaryAryan69, and ChristForgives7 to name a few) spent his Sunday partaking in his favorite hobby, he had no idea it would be the beginning of something magical.

Lenny Potts is what some would call an internet troll. He is considered one of the most prolific to have ever taken to the interwebs.

He scours blogs, news articles, Reddit, YouTube videos, and anything else that allows one a chance to leave thoughtful, insightful comments like the following classic he left on a YouTube video of a cat chasing a laser light and crashing into a screen door repeatedly:

“Juw and mineority lubbing lef wing douchebag eat shit & dy. Obama lyes. 9-11 was a in side job. DUH. Mexicans steel jobbs. Ilegals. Love it or leave it, muthaf*^ka. American flag puppet master BelBivDivoe on 7 racewar muslim conspiracy illuminati. Brontosarus. God loves whites. God BlessAMerikkka… kitty litter.”

After reading this finely crafted, critical socio-political critique, millions of YouTube visitors have taken Lenny as the leader of a powerful movement. These millions have gone as far as to hit the streets with misspelled signs and white hot outrage. They can be found passing out literature that shares Lenny’s message, and sometimes huffing from paper bags.

In church basements, public libraries, and college classes his followers are gathering to determine how to spread Lenny Potts’ message more effectively. Lenny has struck a cord deep in the souls of his followers.

When The Daily Refried reached out to Lenny for comment, Lenny replied:

“Fascists  Obama Hussein——> coincidence. no. hellicopters isrel blaks mexicens lemur population”

“Lemur population” indeed Lenny Potts.

Keep reaching for the stars.

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo

El Guapo writes The Daily Refried, and is, without question, the foremost authority on all things sinvergüenza. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter @TheDailyRefried.

[photo by Bludgeoner86]



  • Fascists  Obama Hussein——> coincidence. no. hellicopters isrel blaks mexicens lemur population