If Romney Elected, 1/3 of US Plans To Self-Deport
[In this photo, Mittens explains how he likes his maids to fold his jewel-encrusted chones]
During one of the 108 GOP debates, presidential hopeful and confirmed self-labotomizer Mittens Romney argued that at the center of his immigration plan is self-deportation. For many, the idea is pretty laughable. Watch him explain it below:

The Daily Refried team recently conducted a really scientific poll (we used graphing paper, an abacus, a number 2 pencil and all that shit) and unearthed some interesting findings.
According to the numbers, 1/3 of US citizens polled claim that they will self-deport to “any-fucking-where” if pendejo extraordinaire Mittens is – by some Mormonic miracle elected.
Your handsome and humble servant-
El Guapo

[Photo by c.berlet/publiceye.org]