Hari Kari Public Service Pledge

Tired of politicians playing grab ass while the average person is hurting? (The gap between rich and poor has quadrupled in the past 30 years)  Sick of corporate interests determining the direction of the country instead of the the public good? Fed up with fear-mongering politicians treating voters like imbeciles? Thinking of leaving the country for greener pastures? Wait. Don’t leave yet.

Demand accountability. Demand that your political “leaders” sign the Hari Kari Public Service Pledge, a no-nonsense promise to focus all work, at all times, solely on the public good – regardless of political pressure, party affiliation, poll numbers, re-election strategy, personal grudges, and/or personal gain. Think of it like a “No American Left Behind” contract.

Unlike other pledges, this one has some teeth. Taking a page out of the samurai handbook, politicians promise to fight honorably and tirelessly for the public good. If it can be proven that the politician violates this pledge, they henceforth agree, like a dishonored samurai, to voluntarily disembowel themselves with a short blade, in public, to pay the price for dishonorable public service.

Visit USA.gov ( http://m.usa.gov/usa/Contact/Elected) to find your politician and demand that they sign the “Hari Kari Public Service Pledge”

A genuine public servant should have nothing to fear.  Sign below to support the Hari Kari movement.

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[Photo courtesy Vintage Collective,  permanently scatterbrained]