Bizarre Love Triangle: Tebow, Jesus, and Brady
Unrequited love. Tragedy.
In a storyline worthy of a middle school playground or a Mexican soap opera, the NFL playoffs this year have centered around one truly bizarre love triangle.


Tebow Loves Jesus – Jesus Loves Brady – Brady loves ???

Tim Tebow seemed to have the coveted support of Jesus Christ in the bag, until this past Saturday.
Tebow praised Jesus at every press conference, and, after winning game after game through what appeared to be divine intervention, it seemed that the love flowed both ways.
But, to Tebow’s chagrin, Big Chuey let it be known definitively that he’s backing Tom Brady – who is a bit more aloof about the whole thing. Some might argue Brady’s been playing hard to get. Either way, JC sent a clear message on Saturday as the Broncos were routed 45-10.
When asked about being abandoned by Jesus, Tebow said he was weighing his options as he moved forward and then began sifting through various religious pamphlets.
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El Guapo

[photos by Jeffrey Beall, Joe Shlabotnik]