Arne Duncan’s Only Regrets: “Some Kids Still Curious; Some Teachers Still Teaching”

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that he will be stepping down from the post he has held for 7 years. The controversial figure told the group of reporters that he thinks he could have finished the job of creating and implement the ultimate standardized test, one that students would begin in pre-k and complete only upon high school graduation. Working with Pearson, an international educational publisher with yearly US sales of $4 billion or more, Duncan admitted he’d fallen short of reducing every child to an efficient Pearson number that would be tattooed on their necks. He put the failure of this mission squarely on the shoulders of stubborn children who retained their curiosity and rebellious teachers who were able to continue teaching instead of proctoring high-stakes tests and tests intended to prepare students for high-stakes tests, and then reviewing the results of these high-stakes tests. “Am I disappointed? Sure. Will going to work quietly for Pearson in a few months and making millions wash this disappointment away? Time will tell.”

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